Hi! I'm Alan, I have been collecting comics since I was a small child but as many of you can attest, life gets in the way and I stopped collecting for about seven years. My passion was reignited by chance a few yeas ago when I went to a local science fiction expo in Dallas and fell in love all over again. I have always been interested in sci-fi themes, fantasy books, video games, movies, the wonderfully outrageous cartoons of the 80's and 90's, and so much more of what is now referred to as "geek culture".

What is Casual Geek?

I refer to myself as a "Casual Geek" not because I am not willing to put in the time to learn a fandom but actually the opposite. I love diving in to different topics but no matter how much I spend learning, I will quickly come across someone who laps me completely in knowing deeper, more obscure, or wider than myself. I feel that as a casual geek, it gives me more freedom to explore whatever my interests turn to at any given moment. 

Main Interests

I have a lot of things that take up my attention but to give you a rough idea, here are some of my strongest Interests:

  • Comics (especially Spider-Man)
  • Films (slapstick to CGI explode-fests)
  • Comic Conventions
  • Science Fiction Television Shows
  • Fantasy Books
  • Pop-Culture Trivia

Always looking for more!

Do you have a recommendation? A TV series that you want to share? Maybe a bit of news that you want to share? Please let me know and I will research it or try it out. I am always looking for new things!