Aquaman Rebirth:

I will say first off, previous to the Rebirth line, I was not a follower of Aquaman very closely. I would put myself somewhere around 40% on the spectrum of believing that Aquaman was a lame superhero to the end of the spectrum where he is the king of the vast majority of the planet’s entire mass and can kick ass to untold levels. That being said, I spent a lot of time watching videos such as Comic Explained to catch me up with the mythos of the King of the Ocean. The character interested me and I wanted to see what this next iteration of one of DC’s mainstays would be like. As I did with all the main characters (Bat-Family, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, and Aquaman) Rebirth line, I grabbed the one shot and the number one to see what the future held. It was an added bonus that the covers of the first few issues had an aesthetic to them that was so rich and summed up so much at just a quick glance.


I am hooked. The writing of Dan Abnett and the drawing of Walker are a one two punch with me, but what really put me over and what I gravitated to was Gabe Eltaeb’s color work and Drew Hennessy’s inking. Eltaeb has done a great job at making the work come alive and create a look to the panels that really spoke to me. From the depths of the sea to the surface world, the work pops. The writing highlights a man stuck between numerous worlds. Is he the King? The Hero? The Criminal? Or all of the above? The story can be sluggish at times while information is parceled out but the slow speed is quickly changed to action that you would see on a summer blockbuster storyboard. I am still new to this hero but so far the title is one that I will be closely following.