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San Diego Comic Con Bingo Cards

Welcome to another post by ME, The Casual Geek, I am getting back into the swing of things. Comic Con season has begun for me. Like many, I have been CONSUMING information regarding San Diego Comic Con 2016. So much of what I have heard from people that have gone in the past are blah, blah, all you will do is wait in line, blah, blah, be prepared to spend all this money, and such. Well there is so much more to this colossal event. After watching a great video about free swag and the importance of experiences over just spending money at SDCC. I made up bingo cards of different things to look for and created a simple game for my fiance and I to play while we are there for the two days. Perfect for 1-10 people. Please feel free to use any of these cards for yourself! They ten cards are a mix of about 55 different items I thought would be fun. I know some are common place, but give me suggestions and I will make more.

Let me know what you think!


  1. First one to get 5 in a row wins (Duh). Photo or Physical evidence is needed to get the square. (We are playing that you need to be in at least 50% of the cosplay pictures)
  2. Only one person can claim the same “item” (I.E. two people don’t get credit for the exact same person cosplaying as Mexican Batman). Flip a coin to see who gets credit.
  3. Have Fun with the catagories! Here are some of my ideas
    1. Hearts Desire – Freebie, but has to be something you like
    2. WTF Costume – A Cosplayer that you have no idea where it comes from
    3. Booth Employee – Must have company logo (will break a tie if said employee is in costume)
    4. Cosplay in a wheel chair РThere are some GREAT costumes where people have tricked out their chairs.


Bingo Card 1Bingo Card 10 Bingo Card 9 Bingo Card 8 Bingo Card 7 Bingo Card 6 Bingo Card 5 Bingo Card 4 Bingo Card 3 Bingo Card 2


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