This is the title to show you that if you are an animal asshole, you better hope they don’t do anything about it.

Animosity is a new title (4 issues so far) from Aftershock Comics. Animosity is written by the marvelous Marguerite Bennett (DC Bombshells), drawn by the ruffian Rafael De Latorre (SuperZero), colored by the righteous Rob Schwager (Marvel 1602), and lettered by the meticulous Marshall Dillon (Street Fighter). The series is about a little girl named Jesse and her bloodhound Sandor (named after the Game of Thrones character) as they make their way across the country from New York to California to find Jesse’s estranged older brother. What makes it hard is that animals have gained complete sentience and the ability to speak. They all remember EVERYTHING and they are angry at the humans.


I happened to come across this series in the back of another aftershock comic and picked the whole series up at once. I was hooked within the first five pages. The story is razor sharp and highlights the whole gambit of human and animal reactions with the realization of well…realization. Bennett has shown once again how she is one of the masters (mistresses) of handling emotions, unique character voices, and situational awareness. The comic rewards the detailed minded with panels that harken back to Animal Farm, Planet of the Apes, and pop culture just to name a few. Latorre does a fantastic job with adapting animals to human items such as guns, kitchen, and my favorite, rocket launchers. Jesse and Sandor are strong characters that have a genuine bond, though at times it is unclear who is protecting who. I am sad that I do not have more issues to read but I am glad that I was able to start this title early and see where it goes.


I want to share a few of the very first pages of the book that blew me away, this was when the animals gained thought:

Pandas with Guns!!!