Thanks for joining me! Here is my next installment of worthy reads. I am doing another, while much shorter than my last, issue of Kingpin. Enjoy!

If you are interested, I will start adding links for Comixology for the issues referred to. Just click the issue picture.

The story opens with Kingpin announced “dead”. We get to see a swath of Marvel characters react to the news. Punisher is of course smug with himself. I particularly got a kick out of Daredevil and Spider-man’s respective surprised reactions. DD is stopped in his track in court and Spidey is of course found to watch the news report upside down in supposedly Time Square. Small details like these can be found throughout this issue. For the most part, this issue is sluggish with a few bright spots. I understand that there would be a power vacuum when the Kingpin is thought to be out of the picture and it is interesting to see that Fisk will always find a way to reach out to advance and protect his empire. But I did not like the swift killing of people after they seemed to be working for Fisk by other Fisk goons. It did not seem that Fisk’s rehab was all that lengthy considering the extreme amount of damage sustained to him the previous issue. By the time it gets to the confrontation at the end, the Kingpin is back to full form, ready to take on all challengers. This issue is the last of this volume but on February 8th, a new volume of Kingpin will be published. I will keep you updated.